Friday, July 17, 2009

The CRABs Crawl Blog

Welcome to The CRABs Crawl. This is a blog for biology and life science teachers of all grade levels. CRABs or The Cleveland Regional Association of Biologists, is 18 years old this year and to help celebrate our longevity we have created this blog site. It is for CRABs members, but it is also for all biology and life science teachers in the Ohio region. To kick off our new blog we are going to highlight the 150 year anniversary of the publication of Darwin's On the Origin Of Species. It was published on November 24th 1859. For 31 days prior to November 24th, 2009 we will post a new Darwin/Evolution/Natural Selection classroom activity each day. Each activity will have a short description and then the actual URL or a PDF file of the lab itself. he blog is open for anyone to see and use. Only CRABs members can post activities and comments. If you want to comment or share a great evol activity---then join the CRABs group and help to make a lively, interactive biology education community in Northern Ohio and throughout the state of Ohio.

Rich Benz

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